What does todays horoscope say about leo?

Question by ams: What does todays horoscope say about leo?

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Answer by Alice P
You need to step up and help that friend or customer in need, even if it’s not your turn or you feel tapped out. One act of kindness can unlock a door you’ve been battering at for weeks or years.

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  1. RoxieyPoison January 12, 2014 at 3:41 pm #

    Jul. 23 – Aug 22

    Today could be really lucky for you, Leo, but the Last Quarter Moon that dominates the planetary combinations could produce special challenges. First of all, there may be an embarrassing situation involving relationships today; if this is a day for fulfilling promises you’ve made don’t let anything stop you from doing so, if not, don’t make promises today. Also, today is unfavorable for participating in anything strenuous, so don’t choose it for wrapping up your workout program. Group activities are favored, however, especially those designed for self-improvement.

    Compatibility: Aries
    Mood: Cautious
    Your Daily Lucky Color: Yellow
    Lucky Number: 83
    Lucky Time of Day: 7pm

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