What would all the zodiac signs be like in a fight physical and argument?

Question by Enigma: What would all the zodiac signs be like in a fight physical and argument?
What would all the zodiac signs be like in a fight physical and argument?

also state your sun moon merc and mars

and why?

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Answer by Jen Britton
Aries is the god of war so they would be one of the best fighters of the zodiac signs. Taurus will be one of the best at physically fighting because if you anger a bull watch out! They’re also fixed so they never give up. Gemini would be good at verbal fighting because they like to talk alot. Cancer would be one of the worst fighters because they are so sensitive. Leo is a lion so they would be good physical fighters also. They’re also fixed. Virgo – the ones I know like to run their mouth. Libra would suck at fighting because they are the peacemakers and most of the females are too busy with their looks. Scorpio would be a good verbal and physical fighter they can poison you and they also hold grudges and get their revenge on people. They’re also fixed. Sags would be alright i don’t know much about them though. Capricorn would be a better verbal fighter because they’re wise and always right. Aquarius is fixed so they would never give up on a fight. Pisces is too nice to even get into a fight.

Oh and Taurus Sun, Cancer Moon, Scorpio Mercury and Leo Mars.

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Zodiac sign of GEMINI in a 16th century manuscript
zodiac signs

Image by e-codices
The zodiac sign of GEMINI is associated with the month of May and it is always represented by the twins. In most of the standard iconographic compositions, the two figures are shown full length or as busts.They are usually in a landscape and they can both be male or female, or one of either sex. They can be fully clothed or nude. In some representations the two figures appear in the guise of lovers touching each other. In the modern horoscope, the zodiac sign of GEMINI covers the period from about May 21 – June 20.

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Manuscript title: Book of Hours of Agnes le Dieu

Origin: Bourges (France)

Period: 16th century

Image source: Utopia, armarium codicum bibliophilorum, Cod. 102, p. 8r – Book of Hours of Agnes le Dieu (

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