Which astrology sign is better fit for me?

Question by broken.bones: Which astrology sign is better fit for me?
My birth date is February 15, 1988
My best friends birthday fell on December 2, 1987 and my other friends birthday fell on February 3, 1986 -
IF I were to base my decision on astrological compatibility alone (which I am NOT so don’t get your panties in a bunch!) Which partner would be a better match? Remember, this is sheerly out of curiosity, Thanks!

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Answer by Gregory House M.D.
I would say Schizo. The astrological sign for Schizophrenia.

Don’t worry, I won’t share any panties with you, in a bunch or individually. Those treasured souvenirs from the past are all mine!

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  1. ♑Queen Of The Night♑ November 1, 2013 at 11:31 pm #

    Well, since you’re an’re an air sign to tell you first.
    The December 2nd birthday, they’re a Sagittarius, and your other friends birthday (February 3rd), they’re an Aquarius like you.
    It’ll also go based off of the other compatibilities, I’m not sure about whereabouts you were born, so follow this link:

    Everyone has a moon, Saturn, Uranus, etc. signs.
    To figure out the compatibilities, here’s a quick list:

    Earth Signs (will match up best with other earth or water)
    Water signs (match up best with other water or earth)
    Air signs (match up best with other air signs or fire)
    Fire signs (match up best with other fire signs or air)

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